Heating is done – what about cooling?

My wife and I absolutely love our new home. While the house still smells like fresh paint in a few spots, the house itself feels just like our old home. Sadly, we lost our old home in a tragic fire. Our little family, including our cats, were able to make it out of the fire unscathed, but our house was so damaged that it had to be torn down. It felt wrong to rebuild our home in the very lot that our old home was once in, so we found a new lot to build in. I think part of the reason that this house is so comfy to us is the radiant heating system, which uses heat generated under the floorboards to warm the house. We settled on that heating system out of the countless options available, simply because it seemed like a great way to save money on our utility bills without giving up our access to heat. As for cooling the house, we went with an evaporative cooling system, which is like a central A/C unit and a humidifier rolled into a single system. It’s incredibly useful here in the southwest, as the heat here is intense and very dry. Since the evaporative cooling system introduces cool, moistened air to the indoors, it works perfectly to cool our house without using a ton of energy. In a strange way, losing our first house made it possible for us to move forward, and become even more efficient in regards to our home’s HVAC system and how it would run.

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