Heating in college classrooms aren’t ideal –

I am currently a junior in college, majoring in education. I go to school in the northeastern part of the country and rent an apartment just a few miles off campus. I need to drive to my classes. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t enough available parking on campus. Most of the time, I’m forced to park several miles away and walk. During the school year, the weather varies between freezing cold and brutally hot. I often walk through snow, rain, high winds, excessive humidity or feet of snow. I always carry a backpack stuffed with very heavy books. During the winter months, I bundle up in my wool coat, knitted hat and boots, and still nearly freeze to death. By the time I get inside the building, I’m shivering and anxious to warm up. The classrooms are not all maintained at a comfortable level. My methods classes are held in a very large, older building with an ancient heating system. Although the heater makes a tremendous amount of noise, it provides very little heat. I try to sit as close to the registers as possible. My poetry class is located in a much newer building, with a state-of-the-art heating system. This classroom is always overheated. There are so many supply vents, it’s nearly impossible to escape the blast of hot air. Because of this, students will sometimes open the windows. Not only does this waste a tremendous amount of energy, but the draft of freezing air is not pleasant. The open windows also force the heating system to work harder, creating huge temperature fluctuations.

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