heating equipment in the tent

Have you ever met people that took camping a little bit too extreme? I remember one day when I was at a campground as a kid, every one of us were camping in tents, care about all enjoyable people camp; I never understood why people would want to camp in an RV with television & air conditionings… Wouldn’t that take away from all the fun & excitement of camping If you wanted an air conditioning & television, then why not stay beach house for the summer? There was this lady next to us that was also tent camping, but her entire camping area was decorated care about a home.

I asked her how she was allowed to do all of that for just a few weeks, however she told myself and others that she camped all year long.

I was confused! How could you go camping in the Winter time without a oil furnace She explained that she used a space oil furnace to keep her tent warm during the winter, though all the people figured that a space oil furnace wouldn’t be safe to go camping in, she explained that some space heaters, care about a radiating space heater, didn’t get warm enough to start a fire. Though it still was a bit cold even with the heater, she had warm blankets & had grown used to the freezing rapidly adjusting temperatures during the winter, she also told myself and others that she would take a shower & get dressed at a local gym, where she would exercise during the week! I thought that it was a little weird that she used a oil furnace to camp in the winter, but to each their own.



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