Heating and how to control it

I tend to be a selfish person at heart, especially with the stuff I own. For instance, if somebody wants to see a mobvie and I know I own it, I do not tell them. I do not lend out books or appliances to anyone either. If I am put on the spot, I will usually cave though.

I hate lending items though, it usually is a pain to get them back. My best neighbor Taylor had an issue with his gas furnace over the winter. The gas furnace kept turning on and off. Taylor and is partner decided to turn off the furnace to wait for the furnace repair. They had to wait over two weeks to get a repair date. Taylor then needed an additional heating source. I have tons of space heaters that I keep in storage in case my furnace breaks down. Taylor knew this, and so asked to borrow a few space heaters. I could not tell him no. I had to give him a few of my brand new space heaters. It has been more than two months now since then and Taylor’s furnace is fixed. It is also getting warmer out. There is no need for heating anymore, so why on earth has not brought back my space heaters yet? I have casually mentioned it several times to him, and he says that he will get right on it. I am going insane. I am worried that if too long passes he will think they are his units. I am not giving him free space heaters. It is not even cold, but I want my stuff back.

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