Heating and cooling requires the maintenance

There is a lot required in terms of  the maintenance of a Heating and air conditioner system. The air filters should  be changed every four to six weeks to prevent them clogging with dust and pollutants.  An obstructed air filter greatly reduces equipment efficiency. It can also affect comfort and indoor air quality.  For a forced air heating and cooling unit, the duct system is a priority. An accumulation of contaminants, such as dust, pollen and mold, limits airflow to and from the heating plus cooling unit.  This makes the heating and cooling system to operate for longer cycles and strain to achieve thermostat settings. The added workload for the device will lead to higher energy costs, more frequent problems, premature failure and diminished comfort.  Plus, the pollutants can be introduced into the breathing air of the home. The interior of a cooling system is typically warm, dark and damp, providing the perfect environment for growing mold, mildew and algae. Without annual, professional cleaning, the cooling component can harbor a great deal of  bacterial growth. Dust can be a real issue for the heating system. An annual check-up, completed by a licensed HVAC professional is essential for peak operation. The serviceman will take note of and resolve any concerns to prevent a sudden malfunction. With meticulous cleaning, he’ll prevent the introduction of allergens and energy waste.  Plus, this service fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty obligations and ensures ongoing coverage. Taking the best possible care of the heating system, cooling system and duct system keeps everything running reliably, saving time and money, and promoting superior health, cleanliness and comfort of the home.