Heating and cooling can ruin the enjoyment of eating out –

I am a huge foodie.  For most of my life, I lived near one of the major food capitals of the world.  People would always ask my opinion on what restaurant to go to or what to order.  Of course, when I eat out food is a major decision. I think about what type of food to eat and also how well does the restaurant prepare it.  Do they use fresh ingredients and cook from scratch? In addition, to the quality of the food, there are other decision factors involved. Is the restaurant clean? That’s a must.  Also, is the restaurant’s temperature comfortable? You would be surprised how many heating and air conditioning units don’t work properly in restaurants. That might not be something that will come to most people’s minds when eating out, but it does come to my mind. You see, I’ve had some bad experiences eating out when the temperature in the restaurant is really either too hot or too cold.  You have to wonder if they have the proper heating and air conditioning equipment installed. Who wants to eat out a top restaurant and have the temperature be too hot or too cold, because the heating and ac unit isn’t working properly. Having the heating and ac unit in good order is important to the experience of both diners and staff. There isn’t just the problem of the restaurant being too hot. It can be too cold too.  If the heating and air conditioning unit isn’t being properly maintained, all kinds of temperature control problems can happen.. After all it sure can get hot in the restaurant kitchen!

HVAC worker