Heaters for strollers?

    I am so tired of the dull dreary days that come with winter.  I love winter when it is cold and snowy. I love the winter sunshine and how it makes the snow sparkle like diamonds have been sprinkled over the landscape.  I hate winter when it is winding down. The snow gets slushy and blends only with the muddy ground. Everything looks black and dirty and the sky is grey and dull most of the time.  You are awaiting the trees to begin to bud, and wondering if it will actually happen. It is a season of depression for many and yet, our area always finds a way to celebrate. With St. Patrick’s day in a couple days, nearly every town has their own way of celebrating the coming of spring.  You have the leprechaun costumes that have now even become famous for pets. There was a St. Patrick’s Day parade this weekend. The temperatures were well below freezing and the wind was whipping. There were people standing on the street corners and five deep along the way, to see the parade.  The children were bundled, but they were all smiling. One lady had a small heater that she had made to keep her baby warm. It was able to sit right in the stroller with her sleeping baby. That heater was no bigger than the clock on my stand. She could hold that heater in her hand and it didn’t burn, but it kept her baby warm. I’m sure there were more people who sat in the house, enjoying the warmth of their furnaces, while still enjoying the parade that was on the television.

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