Heated floors for cold winters

Living in an area where the cold months are incredibly extreme is not good for anyone, especially people who have arthritis like my hubby or sensitive skin like me.

However springtime in addition to summer time are the best seasons for us! The two of us would be back in the warm sun and even walk on our bare feet in the house with a glass of lemonade in our hands.

I told my hubby that the people I was with and I weren’t getting any younger. The two of us needed to make some new additions in the house to make us more comfortable. I was so tired of seeing our children and grandchildren walk around in their socks because the floor is so cold! Our apartment should be a haven for everyone even during the overly freezing months. Finally, my hubby was able to find the right HVAC coporation who was able to get us a good deal on having radiant floors installed in our home. The process was not even as long as I had imagined. It didn’t take long at all. They even finished in time for fall. When Thanksgiving came, I was overjoyed to see almost everyone cozy in addition to toasty on the floor, sipping hot chocolate. It was a bonus to see that no one had the sniffles or colds while staying with us. I remember the same thing happening all those years ago, even when I turned up the heater. Radiant flooring will not only save me money, but now my family will stay warm. Next year, I won’t have to worry about anyone feeling uncomfortable or sick anymore. I already know that my entire family will be comfortable together when the fall in addition to winter seasons arrive once more.