Heated flooring isn’t helpful for yoga

While I used to avoid needing a shower after my yoga session, I now have no choice in the matter

I decided to redo all the floors throughout the inside of my house. The old carpet got torn out and I put cement board and new ceramic tile on top. Before I installed the tile, I made a last minute decision to add heated floors to my whole house. My local weather does not get all that cold. We never get snow or temperatures below freezing. However, the cost of electric heated flooring was reasonable. I figured I would be happy to have radiant heating in the entire house. I also made certain to have all the flooring link to a single thermostat. I didn’t think it would ever be necessary to set a different temperature in independent rooms. I recently realized that for the purpose of working out, I would really like to customize temperature. I am a huge fan of yoga. I regularly unroll my yoga mat, watch a video and complete my workout in the living room. Yoga provides a fantastic way to stretch, relax, work on balance and get a light workout. It helps me to relieve stress and improve my mood. Unfortunately, now that I have heated flooring, it is not as enjoyable. Radiant heat warms all the objects it comes in contact with. My yoga mat steadily becomes warmer and warmer after I set it down. The whole time I am performing yoga, I am drenched in sweat and feeling overheated. I am quite loose plus able to stretch thoroughly. While I used to avoid needing a shower after my yoga session, I now have no choice in the matter. I could lower the setting on the thermostat so I don’t sweat to death, but it would impact the whole house. I know my husband would complain if his office was suddenly super cold.

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