Heated flooring for Grandma

My grandmother has always been a very cold-natured person. I do not mean that she has an “icy personality”; far from it, actually. If you’ve ever heard the phrase that a person with cold hands has a warm heart, then you have basically heard a summary of my grandma. She’s one of the sweetest people in the entire world but she gets cold very, very easily. The older she gets, the more I worry that this will affect her health. It’s because of that reason that I used my Christmas bonus to have heated floors installed for her. As her primary caretaker, I have already upgraded her furnace and installed a smart thermostat to make sure that her heating needs remain up-to-date and thorough. Despite these furnace and smart thermostat upgrades, I was still concerned that she might get too cold. I started doing some research and learned about heated floors. Apparently, heated floors do more than simply keep heating costs down. Many people recommend them for people who are cold-natured and/or for the elderly who rely on more consistent heating in their home. After doing some calculations-heated floors are quite costly- I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. Nanny was worth it! I am so glad that I did. The heated floors have been extremely helpful not only with heating costs and heating consistency but also Nanny’s aches and pains- an added benefit that I had not considered! My grandma has been feeling much better since I had the heated floors installed and she even seems happier. Heated flooring for my grandma is one investment I have no regrets about making.

Air conditioning expert