Heat pump offers many benefits to homeowners

There are so many benefits to an air source, electric heat pump.

These innovative systems look and act very much like a central air conditioner during the summer months.

When the weather turns colder, the equipment literally reverses the operation process to provide heat. All year round, the heat pump minimizes costs through exceptional efficiency. It works by finding ambient heat in the air and moving it to a new location. In cooling mode, the heat pump pulls heat out of the home and transfers it outside through the use of refrigerant. Even when the temperature drops there’s still heat available in the outdoor air. In heating mode, the system compresses the heat to a higher temperature and delivers it into the house. Because there is no burning of fossil fuels, there’s no greenhouse gas emissions, making a heat pump wonderfully environmentally responsible. Plus, there’s no production of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or formaldehyde to worry about. The heat pump is not only especially safe and clean, it actively filters the air to improve indoor air quality. Modern heat pumps feature adaptable speed compressors which allow the equipment to automatically cater speeds to demand. When the heat pump operates at lower capacity for longer cycles, it maintains more even indoor temperature, optimizes energy efficiency and minimizes operational sounds. Heat pumps further offer effective dehumidification and won’t overly dry out the air during the winter. For homes located in colder weather areas, a hybrid heating system combines an electric heat pump with a gas furnace for year round savings.



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