Heat pump is an HVAC wonder

The only reason I know anything at all about HVAC is because I became a homeowner.

If that hadn’t happened I would still be ignorant about HVAC and probably putting up with terrible HVAC in some rental.

As a kid, all I knew about HVAC was that there was this hulking, scary piece of equipment in the basement. That was a big oil fired furnace that was super expensive to run. That’s why my dad installed a wood stove to supplement the furnace HVAC in the winter. I got a great lesson in how valuable heating is. My dad and I cut and stacked many cords of wood while I was living at home. There was nothing but fans for the summer but, where we lived the summer heat always died down at night. In fact, our region just didn’t have too many heat pumps if any. I didn’t really get to enjoy the HVAC heat pump until I moved south for my first job after college. Then, I owned one once I got married and we bought our first home. The HVAC heat pump was brand new on the house and is still getting it done 15 years later. The key to our HVAC needs has to do with keeping cool. This area doesn’t experience any kind of winter like the ones I once knew. So, it is perfect for a heat pump. The heat pump does a tremendous job of keeping the house nicely cooled throughout the worst the summer can throw at us. And all it has to do to heat us when we need it is to reverse the refrigerant flow.

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