Heat in a tiny home

After graduating from college, I was ready to set out and pave my own road in life. For me personally, doing this involved getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and living in what most people would refer to as a tiny home. I still needed to be close enough to civilization to stay on the power grid, since I require internet access for my freelance programming work, and I wasn’t ready for the struggles of complete isolation, so finding a plot of land that suited my needs was difficult, but I eventually found the perfect spot for my tiny home. I considered having a house custom-built, but ended up going with a premade option for convenience and cost-efficiency. Something I didn’t realize until later on was that the premade home I selected did not have a source of heating or cooling already installed, although I admit that it was my fault for not taking heating and cooling into consideration sooner. I contacted the company which made my tiny home to see if they also did HVAC installation, and they did! They recommended I go with a ductless mini split unit, which sounded good to me. It would be able to provide both heating and cooling as needed, and took up minimal space in the home. It had such a luxurious looking design compared to the old clunky window unit I used to have in my college dorm, and I loved the fact it came with a remote so I could adjust the temperature control from anywhere in my home. It may have been installed a little late since I hadn’t been thinking of my HVAC needs at the time I purchased my tiny home, but late is certainly better than never.

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