Heat broke again; residing at guys

Occasionally I want to murder my roommates; Don’t get me wrong, they’re honestly nice people… however it’s strenuous to rely on them for a location to live.

In general, they are quite forgetful as well as scatterbrained when it comes to adult responsibilities.

This means, the dishes are never done, the floors are never vacuumed, as well as the yard labor is never completed. I would take a larger position in the household management, however it isn’t my household. They own the site, as well as all the utility bills are in their names. That means, if they don’t pay the mortgage or the energy costs, every one of us have big concerns to share. I’m not a sizable fan of the set up, because I guess out of control of our basic energy bill, Heating and Air Conditioning system, as well as residing quarters. For instance, about more than one month ago, my roommates made a mistake as well as forgot to pay the energy bill. Then, every one of us had to wait a month as well as a half for the gas supplier to come out as well as relink our line, and until then, every one of us had no heat in the beach house whatsoever, then of course, the air temperature dipped into the 30’s that week, as well as I spent days cold my butt off without so much as a space heater. I thought my struggles were over… until the exact same thing happened last week. For the past 3 days, I’ve just been residing at my guy’s beach house as well as using his heat, at least I don’t have to go numb without working central heat this time – he might be a mess, although he remembers to pay his utilities before he loses all control of his Heating and Air Conditioning.
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