Health problems

I hire a licensed Heating and A/C supplier to thoroughly clean, troubleshoot & tune-up my HVAC unit every year.  Every time I had the air conditioning professionally tested, the Heating and A/C worker recommended a chemical cleaning of the cooling coil. He showed myself and my family the disgusting buildup of mold, mildew & bacteria on the coil.  No wonder we were feeling sick a lot! If allowed to flourish, this contamination would spread throughout the whole-home on the air conditioning. Every time the air conditioning started up, it presented a health threat. Plus, the microbial growth hindered the energy efficient & cooling capacity, leading to higher daily costs & potential breaking. The Heating and A/C supplier suggested that I invest in a germicidal UV lamp. The lamp takes advantage of ultraviolet light to kill bacteria & contaminants that tend to grow in the warm, damp interior of the air conditioning. It further sterilizes the incoming air, improving the cleanliness & health of my home. Most hospitals have UV lamps installed for the reason of sterilization in operating suites. The UV lamp was not all that costly, incorporated into the existing cooling unit, & has made a significant improvement in the performance of the equipment. I was so very glad for my HVAC specialist’s suggestions!

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