Heading to bed at night

Recently, I let a friend from my high school days move in with me!  I had then been living on our own for several months as I had broken things off with my fiance.  While I adore living alone, I simply couldn’t afford it. While she and I get along so great, I forgot how foolish he can be. That’s because he’s never lived on his own up till now, but I’ve been living on my own since I was 19. I simply had to learn quick how to balance all the bills and use the central oil furnace enough to keep moderate but not high temps so I can afford the yearly utility costs. When he came back from his shift at work one day, he was complaining that he was cold.  So, I made him a cup of tea and asked if I could check the control equipment in his room. Every room it the palace has its own zone, so I was sure it wasn’t that my electric oil furnace wasn’t heating his own room respectfully. The climate control was reading below 50 degrees! I checked the windows for any drafts and couldn’t feel a thing. When I looked around the room the problem suddenly became abundantly clear. He had moved all of his furniture around in such a way that worked for her, but then covered all of the radiators. I called for him and asked if there might be a way that he and I could move things that might work but uncover the radiators. The two of us were in his living room for many hours that evening, shuffling furniture about till midnight.  But when he then went to bed for the evening, his room was no longer so cold. He woke up in the afternoon and his control equipment was reading the temperature he and I had set.

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