He shouldn’t have

I know how my wife feels when she tells me her feet are too cold.  Actually she will ask me if her feet are cold as she slides them onto my back or up my legs.  They are usually like icicles as she turns me into a mass of shivers. It is just one more sly hint that she wants radiant heating in the bathroom.  What she doesn’t know is the plan is already in the works. I just need to find a way to get her out of the house for a week, while the HvAC company can come in and install the radiant heating.   I had a devil of a time trying to meet up with the HVAC contractor to get everything ordering and to come up with a timeline for the work to be done. I called her sister and asked if she could come with some kind of emergency.  She told me that the only emergency she would have is if she were to die. I called our daughter and she called my wife for me. She asked her if she would come down and help her out. She was pregnant so she had a good excuse for wanting her mommy.  As soon as my wife was gone, I had the HVAC company send their men in to rip up the floors. My wife called while they were doing some work with machinery and I had to lie and tell her I was downtown and that was a construction crew. When they are finished this weekend, they will not only have the family room and the master bathroom equipped with radiant heat.  They are going to install radiant heat in her reading room and in all of the bathrooms.

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