He offered to cover the cost of the meal

Last weekend, my wife and I decided to order some takeout from a restaurant. When I went to pick up the food from the restaurant, I was shocked at how busy it was at this particular place. I was inside waiting for quite some time. The thing is, the place smelled so good and the air quality was excellent. It was so welcoming and comfortable in this restaurant despite being so crowded. I really wished I would have just taken my wife to eat here instead of getting the food to go. Well, after waiting for about 45 minutes and wondering what was taking so long, the manager said the meal would be on him. I told him this was not necessary, but I did want to know how the air quality was so nice in the restaurant. He smiled and told me that they had a state-of-the-art air purification system. They also had an HVAC system maintenance plan where the professionals would come out monthly and make sure everything was working in perfect condition. I asked what HVAC company they went through, and the manager handed me the card for the place. Honestly, I was not disappointed for having to wait so long especially since I was able to get this useful information. I was definitely going to call this place and ask about their HVAC system maintenance plan. I also really wanted to get a nice air purification system like the one in that restaurant. I definitely knew my wife would love that because she has bad allergies.

HVAC maintenance