He missed his birthday meal

He got home right around 11Pm and he was undoubtedly sorry he missed our meal

I was legitimately concerned when Barry didn’t make it back home for his birthday. Both of us consistently made a big deal of his birthday because it is also the day before our sons. I knew that he had certain days that he was on call and he would need to work quite late. I never thought he would be on call for his birthday. I had a great supper prepared and I was wearing a new dress. I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t back home yet. The candle burned down and still he wasn’t home. When I called his cell, he didn’t answer. I finally called the HVAC business and I asked if they knew where he was. They said that he had been called out for about 1 hour before his shift was done. It was for a broken heating device. Right now I was hating that he was a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist. There weren’t too many professions that would make lake house calls or emergency lake house calls, and he had to choose one that gave emergency service. I could understand that it was crucial to have your heating system fixed hastily, although I was disliking whoever it was that had called him. He got home right around 11Pm and he was undoubtedly sorry he missed our meal. He told me about the older couple who didn’t have any heater use and he couldn’t put them off. He said that they were really nice to him and so thankful.

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