Having trouble getting into my field

My daughter was throwing up plus I had to stay home. This is fine since I have a job with a company that specializes in SEO. What I do is for the SEO business is make websites for Heating plus Air Conditioning dealers. All my daughter wanted to do was sleep and watch Disney movies all day… So I decided to take care of it plus get some of my web design job done. My time was me taking think of the different Heating plus Air Conditioning companies that I was set up to make websites for. I made google ads for a corporation, used PPC for another dealer plus I optimized the website on a new HVAC company. When dinner time came I decided to hang around plus take a break. My daughter was finally feeling better by then so I changed the channel to watch 1 of the TV shows that I entirely got hooked on. It could have been nicer to stop looking at screens, because I do that for work, but, it was not nice outside. So instead I curled up on the sofa instead, however during 1 of the ad breaks the commercial caught my attention. All of the sudden a little panda was dancing across the screen. He was entirely weird plus he was wearing a larger fur coat. I at first thought that does not make much good sense however the ad was for a heater company it was offering wonderful discounts on service plus upgrade.  I then realized this heating company is one that I am doing.

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