Having good a/c filters

Every afternoon I start off with thermos full of coffee on the snow. The snow under my boots, the sun rising over the horizon, a warm thermos in my hands, it is my definition of heaven on earth. I have spent years earning enough money to move here for good. Often when you crave something for long enough, you end up becoming disappointed because the actual does not live up to your cravings. I grew up the South with heat all year long, and I longed to feel the cold and see the snow every day. As it turns out, it is just as amazing I consistently figured it would be! What I don’t like so much is that I am demanded to keep my furnace running basically all the time. The weather here is a little chilly for my tastes, and the drying in the air ruins my indoor air quality. I didn’t realize this at first, but within a month a lot of my ancient books started to crack up in the spine, so I turned on my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system to warm up the air. Even when I am not increasing the climate in my cabin, I leave the humidifier of the AC system operating. I humidify the air because it makes the whole room feel warmer without a heater. Without this, I would burn through chapstick faster than my heater burns through gas. The enhanced air quality not only secures my possessions but lets myself and others sleep a little easier at night.

fiberglass filter