Having bad luck replacing the filter and cleaning the air conditioner –

Last Saturday was a very bad day for me. It was the first day I had completely free in over a month, and I was really looking forward to it.  I had big plans for all that I was going to accomplish. I started by setting my alarm for seven o’clock, but I slept through it. I didn’t get up until after ten, and discovered the dog had peed on the floor. Although the outside temperature was already up to 86 degrees, with vicious humidity, I was still determined to get some yard work done. After getting badly stung by bees, tripping over the shovel and running over the garden hose with the riding mower, I decided to turn my efforts to the air conditioner. I started by removing the clogged, dirty air filter, then realized that I didn’t have a replacement on hand. I made sure to bring the old  air conditioner filter with me as an example. Unfortunately, I left it in the car and had to walk back across a very big parking lot to retrieve it. By the time I purchased the filter and installed it into the air conditioner, I was drenched with sweat. I really wanted to lower the thermostat and drink a beer in some cool comfort. Instead, I took the whole air conditioner apart to clean it. Although I was very careful, I managed to break a belt. This meant I had to return to the store to buy an air conditioner belt. This time, I didn’t forget the old one in the car, but it didn’t matter. The store didn’t have that particular belt in stock. I drove to three different stores and none of them carried an air conditioner belt in the right size. I had to order the belt, which meant waiting a minimum of two days for it. I was then without air conditioning until the new belt came in.

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