Hate summer way more

The Summer is much worse for me than the winter. Now I suppose what comes with a northern temperature. It’s cold, snowy, and windy. These things do not add up to a good time, at least unless you are going skiing in the mountains. I did use to live in the northern region of the country, and I suppose the feeling of begging for the summer. That’s why I moved down south. I was   weary of snow shoveling my driveways and scraping ice off my car windows. However I did completely overestimate how exhausting the Summer heat can be. I mean, even in the Summer season while residing up north, I would have to use my AC during the summer, but occasionally yes, it would be too hot to go outside, for long periods of time, separate from craving some kind of AC. However, when it’s Summer where I live now, I am a slave to Heating and AC technology. There are about many months of the year, I simply won’t go separate from any AC. It’s so important to me, I make sure to have a maintenance serviceman inspect my Heating and A/C component before each summer. I am on a Heating and A/C maintenance plan where the local serviceman comes out each year. He repairs anything which may be wrong with the system, and then he does a tune-up. I can’t rest this extreme heat so much, I need my AC finally working in perfect condition, ideally always. There is nothing to be done about these conditions separate from a well-running air conditioner. In the north, I can just put a jacket on, but in the south, it’s not exactly prefer I have that option.