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Not once in the history of this town has there ever been a flood. This was true right up until last year, when a large flood hit the region and destroyed most of our family dwelling. This is an ancestral home, mind you, one that was built when the place was initially being settled. My great grandparents homesteaded the region, and handed the property down to their family. I had only been given the dwelling the year before the flood hit, and now I was left with a choice to make. If I decided to rebuild the dwelling I would need pretty much everything, from electrical grids to modern plumbing, drywall, air ducts, and a completely modern Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance. On the other hand, I could simply sell the land and not have to be concerned about paying for a modern heating appliance and a dwelling. I was not a very handy person in the least, and my first instinct was to sell. Then I had a chance meeting with a Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance specialist who completely changed my mind. This man was elderly, and had known my parents for a long while. He had even installed the first and the last heating appliances the home had. This man told me how much he adored that seasoned dwelling, and how he would do all the Heating plus Air Conditioning work at no charge if I chose to stay. Of course, the heating and cooling job was just a small fraction of all the work that needed to be taken care of. The gesture was so kind that I took the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist up on his offer and made the decision to rebuild.

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