Hard to get HVAC tech

You should be thankful for your HVAC technician! They work hard to keep your HVAC unit running well, especially during the most extreme temperatures of the year. I remember a Christmas that if it weren’t for the HVAC technician our holiday celebrations would have been a lot less comfortable. My entire family was over for Christmas dinner and we were getting ready to sit down and eat when we began to notice a persistent, cold draft. I got up to look at the thermostat and was shocked to see the temperature had dropped 20 degrees from where I had set it. The house was full of people, food had been cooking in the kitchen round the clock, and there was no way the house should be so very cool. It wasn’t too long before the temperature dropped even more. I immediately decided to call my HVAC service people and within the hour someone came over to find out the deal with our heater. Luckily, I had a plan with them for maintenance and repair of my heating and air conditioning system. The service guy checked out the heater and found the hitch in the system. It didn’t take him long to figure out what to do and he had the parts with him to do the job. He dutifully got right to work on making our house comfortable again. The HVAC tech was in and out of the house in a jiffy. We invited him to join us for dinner but he had another needy family to help. The house began to warm back up to the temperature we had set on the thermostat. It was lovely to get back to Christmas dinner with the family!