“hanging” in an air conditioned hotel room

I don’t recognize what our uncle was thinking when she decided to take us all camping in the middle of November, then it was so tepid plus humid plus we were all miserable, however uncle Danny did not even have an RV with a/c or anything appreciate that, and she just had tents for everyone, additionally, she kept the fire burning most of the afternoon so it was exceptionally hot.

At night time, we did not get any sleep because of the heat.

It was still over 77 degrees outside plus super humid long after the sunset. In the afternoon, Uncle Danny cooked us breakfast however Aunt Becky had a weird plan, however she packed up the automobile plus stated that we were all going to a hotel instead. Uncle Danny wasn’t too keen on this plan although she eventually helped Aunt Becky pack up the automobile up. I suppose she was content with Aunt Becky’s demands when we all got to the hotel. The a/c was blasting in the lobby plus our rooms were even more comfortable. The two of us all slept most of the afternoon plus relaxed in the a/c. The following afternoon we did go back to the campground plus ride our bikes plus also go swimming in the lake. Still we came back to the air-conditioned hotel at night for a superb night sleep. I am gleeful I went along for the camping trip, even if we did not honestly camp. The two of us still had a lot of fun plus did a lot of cool camping things, however who cares if we slept in an air-conditioned hotel room at night? It was still camping.

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