Handling the HVAC on the road

When I was done with school I was presented with a choice that was truthfully too big plus pressing for me to make. On 1 hand I could follow the school program I had received plus begin our path to higher education by going to the university. This is what I had been preparing for over the last few years of high school, plus although I wasn’t psyched about it I knew it was the right move. Then I got an offer to be a guitar player for a rock band that Summer, so as you might think all that college stuff went right out of my mind. I wasn’t just any guitar player, though, I then worked with the air filters plus ventilation equipment. I sort of stumbled into it, I admit, plus then I lied plus said I had some Heating and Air Conditioning experience to land the job, however it all worked out, then for some of the nicer, more successful songsal acts they like to maintain a great air conditions while on stage, which is easier said than done, then with all the pyro, fire, smoke and fire equipment, not to mention the body heat plus BO of the crowd, the air quality on stage tends to be terrible. By strategic set up of fans, air filters, plus vents, both of us can keep the stage mostly crisp of smoke plus pollutants, which is a great help to the band staying focused plus wellness.

HVAC repair plan