Handling comfort complications

The gas furnace and a/c in my home are rather ancient but still operate reliably! For the most part, I’m glad with the performance, but my only complaint is that the upstairs bedrooms were always slightly overheated in Summer and a little cold while both of us were in the winter, unluckyly, the HVAC system isn’t capable of supporting zone control! I considered installing a whole new gas furnace and central a/c but was unwilling to make such a huge investment.

  • I was tempted to buy space furnaces and window a/cs but wasn’t overly enthusiastic with this option.

In my opinion, window a/cs look ugly from both the inside and the outside. I don’t trust the safety of space heaters. I imagined paying astronomical electric bills. I finally called a local HVAC dealer, explained the issue and asked for a recommendation. He told myself and others about the several benefits of a ductless multi-split system… This genre of temperature control is appealingly bendy, affordable and requires no major remodeling to install. There is a single, compact compressor that is installed outside the beach house and linked to many separate air handlers. The air handlers are permanently mounted up high on the wall of the several rooms and feature independent temperature controls, each person can customize temperature in their room without affecting anyone else. The ductless system also provides both heating and cooling capacity. It works by simply moving heat from 1 place to another. In cooling mode, it pulls heat out of the room and pumps it outside. In heating mode, the process is reversed. The air handlers are slim, lightweight and appealingly quiet, and because of inverter technology, the system maintains genuinely even temperature all year round.

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