Had to wait on a/c install

It’s easy to get accustomed to fast service.

Whenever I need an oil change for my car, there is a quick tire and lube location within minutes of our house.

All I have to do is pull up and I get service within five minutes, and they are usually finished with the job in another 20 minutes. It’s hard to beat that level of service, especially when they top off my fluids and fill my tires with air for free. Surprisingly, I am able to get comparable, on demand service at a local sandwich shop. Even during the busiest rushes, you are in and out in under 10 minutes every time. If you call the order in ahead of time, the wait is shortened to just 3 minutes, or however long it takes to ring the order up at the register. They’re magicians when it comes to managing workload and scheduling enough employees to handle the lunch rush. Unfortunately, not all services in life are that immediate. l learned that the hard way recently when our a/c failed on me in the beginning of the month of June. I called a local HVAC supplier and was told that it would take at least two weeks because their schedule was backed up. They explained to me that summer is absolutely the worst time of the year to need a/c installations or repairs, since naturally it is the peak time of the year for indoor cooling. For indoor heating, the worst time of the year to schedule installations or repairs is the cold winter season for the same, but opposite reason that summer is so hectic for AC. Even when I called several other local HVAC suppliers, they all said it would take multiple weeks because their schedules were so badly backed up. I didn’t like going multiple weeks without indoor cooling, but I had no choice. It wasn’t the easiest way to learn the lesson, since our summers are miserably hot.

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