grocery shopping many times a day

I am always going to the grocery store multiple times a day. Usually I forget something, and the grocery store is a 5 minute walk away so I don’t mind going for a stroll. I live down south so it’s very hot, all the time. Except for the few minutes I am in the grocery store. I always have to bring a sweater because it feels like a refrigerator in there. My house on the other hand is never cold. No matter what I program the thermostat to, the AC never works. I brought this up to a friend of mine that works for an HVAC provider. He has been an HVAC technician for years and has a ton of experience with AC units. He explained to me that the grocery store has great insulation and no windows which traps the air inside. He said he wouldn’t mind coming over to check out my AC unit. He thought the problem might be the fact that I hadn’t had my AC unit repaired or looked at in years. When he came over he checked the air filters and location of my thermostat. He couldn’t find anything wrong with my AC unit and said my thermostats looked fine. He told me that I might need to get a new AC unit and it wouldn’t be too expensive. I have him coming over in a few days to install a new AC unit so that I can get my house feeling as cool as the grocery store! I have been fixing the insulation problems in my house as well so that the new AC unit can be as efficient as possible.

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