greenhouse air conditions

    One of humankind’s oldest trade practises is gardening and growing food. These days, I guess a  lot of people grow exotic flowers and such, I but regularly stick to growing things I can eat! This is traditional, and it makes me feel closer to the planet. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with growing flowers. I personally just don’t see the point of it; different strokes for different folks, as they say.

               Recently, I branched out from just growing veggies to start trying my hand at growing some unique herbs. To do it right I needed a greenhouse, of course, one set up for weather conditions control so I can give the herbs the optimum growing conditions.  I did my research ahead of time, so that I knew what sort of air quality they needed, and the levels of temperature and humidity to make them grow. To be honest, I expected the Heating and A/C system for the greenhouse to cost a lot more than it did. I took the leftover budget and bought some solar panels for the outside of the building. Now my greenhouse is entirely “green” because the solar panels completely power the weather conditions control system.

               I am currently growing more than six different types of specialty herbs, with the temperature controls and humidity levels always set perfectly. If anything goes wrong, the smart control unit messages me  through the app on my phone so I can go check it out personally. I can also remotely change the weather conditions control settings with the same app. Still, I like to check for myself before making any changes.

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