Great a/c setting

It seems like every year, my friends and I start getting anxious when the weather seems like it is finally going to stay spring.  We plan picnics for the kids and we take them to the park to play. We made plans to go to the zoo, on the Saturday after school has ended.  We have been watching the weather very closely, and every day, they show the temps being in the upper sixties to mid seventies. There doesn’t seem to be any wavering, and I am thrilled, but I know that summer is coming, and I will soon need to turn on my air conditioning.  The night before our zoo trip, I saw the weatherman and he was saying that a warm front was coming through during the night. After midnight, the temperatures were going to begin to climb, and by noon, they would be in the low nineties, with high humidity. I groaned, because I didn’t want to go to the zoo on a ninety degree day, and I was hoping that everyone else agreed, and we could just go swimming.  Our kids stuck with the zoo idea, and we hopped into two cars, and the ten of us headed to the zoo. The four of us moms spent almost fifty dollars on water throughout the day, and we were sweltering. We kept trying to herd the kids into the exhibits where there was air conditioning. The kids began to tire, and we were thrilled to be able to get into the car and have AC. We kept our phones off as we listened to the music and enjoyed the sound of kids sleeping and the air conditioning blowing on our faces.

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