Good a/c is pressing when you cook a lot

I can remember when I was growing up our mom would cook all the time, however she would cook so much that the question went from why are you cooking to what are you cooking this week.

It didn’t matter if it wasn’t breakfast, breakfast, or breakfast time she would cook what she called in between meals and make delicious popcorn.

She honestly enjoyed to cook and If there was a single thing that was particular, it was that every one of us never went hungry. She would even cook for strangers and of course all family members and relatives over the holidays. I do remember a single time our mom seemed greatly frustrated and did not cook for like a week. It was because the Heating and Air Conditioning device had stopped laboring and the cooling system in the Heating and Air Conditioning device that was in the family room would help to control the aromas and keep the heat from the oven and the stove out of the family room and the rest of the house. Well when our cooling system stopped laboring, our mom didn’t have much choice however to wait until it was fixed before she could cook again and this made her pretty unhappy. She even tried to bring a portable fan in the family room to control the heat and humidity in the air while she cooked, however because she was frustrated she got distracted and accidentally burned the food and the little fan wasn’t enough and the whole family room was filled with smoke. It was a single of the few times I remember her burning anything! Luckily dad was on top of things, and he was quick to get a cooling professional out to repair our a/c. Lucky for us, the a/c was fixed within the month and our mom could go back to enjoying her cooking again.


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