Going To Send My Children To Summer Camp

That is why I want to guess what kind of air purification systems they have

I am thinking of sending our kids to summer time camp. I never went to a summer time camp growing up, so I wonder what it will be like. I am sure it will be fun, or at least an adventure. I want them to experience nature up close. I guess it will be superb for them. At the same time, I want them to be safe. That includes making sure that the camp has superb heating and cooling equipment! I also want to be sure that they have up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning technology, but or at least that it is not too old! I am looking at a camp in the mountains, so it will get cold at evening too. I guess that is good, as they can sit around campfires, or gather around a fireplace. At the same time it will be hot in the morning time, so they can go outside and play and do the multiple things the camp offers, then but while they are indoors I want to make sure the air quality is good. That is why I want to make sure the Heating and Air Conditioning systems in the buildings they have will be good, with all those kids together it would be straight-forward for them to make eachother sick if one of them was sick. That is why I want to guess what kind of air purification systems they have. I also want to guess if they do duct cleaning respectfully. I heard that aged ducts that have not been cleaned can be a real source of germs. Only the best for our kids I say!


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