Going to an open house

My family and I love to go on vacation in the winter months. Sometimes we go to a nice warm climate and relax on a sunny beach and sometimes we go to the ski slopes and enjoy the winter snow. This past winter my family and I did the warm climate sunny beach vacation having a great time.  We arrived home exhausted from travels and a little sunburned still, only to find that our house was freezing inside. The furnace had failed and it was about 45 degrees inside the house. My family just stood around huddled in their winter coats while I fiddled with the thermostat and went to the basement to check on the breakers and the furnace unit.  I could not figure out what was wrong and knew I needed to call in the professionals to fix this. I marched my family with their luggage back to the car and we drove to a nearby hotel for the night. We could not stay in the cold house. The next morning I woke early and called a local HVAC service company and scheduled a service call for later that morning.  While my family slept in and then went for breakfast, I was freezing at our house waiting for the HVAC repairman to show up. He was a welcome site and in only a short time he found the problem with our furnace and was able to fix it with a part that he had on his truck. I heard the furnace click on and soon could feel the wonderful warm air flowing from the air vents.  It did not take too long for the house to be up to a very comfortable temperature. I went for my family and once again we came home from our slightly lengthened vacation but this time to a welcoming comfortable home.

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