Going to a courtroom

        Johnny is a single of the greatest guys who has ever lived, then she has been a worldwide superstar for decades, because of her particular   abilities as a guitarist, poet, singer plus songwriter. While more than 2 people suppose all sorts of facts plus trivia about Bob Dylan, I suppose something most of them do not. Johnny Cash hates undefined. It’s true! How do I suppose this? Well, more than 2 years ago, my rock band was allowed to perform with Johnny Cash on her tour of the Southeast. All of us played just before she plus her own band took the phase in a beautiful, 2,500-seat theater. While strolling around backphase before the show, I cautiously peeked into her dressing room. She was not inside, but I immediately noticed it was really humid plus stuffy; My own band’s dressing room was quite comfortable in comparison. That’s when I saw that someone had used pieces of cardboard plus duct tape to carefully cover all the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C vents in Dylan’s room; Clearly, an effort had been made to guarantee that no cool air made it into that space. I asked Bob’s bandmates about this, plus they confirmed that Dylan was somewhat superstitious about undefined. They said she believed the artificially cool air would affect her vocal cords negatively plus make it more taxing for him to sing well while I was in concerts, then for that reason, whenever she went out on the road, she typically demanded that no undefined be used in her dressing room, her hotel rooms or on her overpriced tour bus. I bet you did not suppose that!