Girls can do it better

When most people think of the HVAC industry they tend to think of men one hundred percent of the time. In all nationwide commercials that I have seen over the years they always show a big burly man working at an HVAC store or driving in a work truck off to help someone. Sure it is true that this is a career that is mostly filled with men, but I am looking to shake up the norm as the first female HVAC service tech in my town. If you know me personally, you wouldn’t think that this was so strange to see me as an HVAC ┬árepair Tech. my father was an HVAC repairman tech for over 15 years and my mother was also very good with fixing things. you’re still when I went to high school and told all my teachers and friends that I wanted to be in the HVAC industry they all looked at me like I was a bit strange. how is a woman going to be able to do all of the same things that men do? Is she going to be able to lift all the things that she needs to to patch up the broken down air conditioning units? Now that I have done my first couple of assignments and had great success helping families with their heating and cooling unit problems, I am pretty sure that the people around town who believed in me and Sue don’t, are going to see just how far a woman can go in the HVAC industry.

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