Gift of HVAC

I have the best partner of all time! She is so kind to me. You see, she works out of the house and has her own office. I myself still work in an actual office. She is a writer and editor, and she is truly talented. I’m not quite sure I could handle the type of work she does! Just the other day, when I was beat from a long day at work, I walked up to the thermostat, cranked up the air conditioner, and then reclined in my favorite chair. I was saying to her that I wished we had a smart thermostat, because then we would be able to control the thermostat without having to walk all the way over to it to change the settings. She laughed, assuring me that she could take some time away from work to massage my tired feet. She said that she understood they were genuinely sore from a hard day. I was thrilled about that and true to her word, she went straight to it. She used a scented lotion and has a lovely technique. She even made me a delicious supper and brought me a cold beer. I’m honestly not certain how I got this lucky and met such a lovely lady. I promised her that I would return the favor and give her a relaxing foot massage soon. The following day, she surprised me; she purchased a brand new smart thermostat for me! It was meant for both of us, but the point was that she knew I wanted it and went ahead and got it. She is seriously the best lady on this whole planet! She said that I would need to take care of the replacement, and I told her that was truly not a problem!

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