Getting Used to Living Without A/C in other countries

In fact, several do not even have a cooling system in their huts at all.

I have a burning desire to retire soon but I have never been paid honestly very much throughout my lifetime of working so I never particularly was able to save a lot for retirement… Now, I am on a mission to pay off all of my debt, save as much as possible, and find a way to cut back to no work in some years. I guess that may mean moving to another country, even if I have to do it for only part of the year. I watch a lot of online videos about becoming an expat because they discuss the lifestyle in these other countries. 1 of the subjects that often arises is getting used to living separate from the cooling system. I do guess that people in other countries do not use the air conditioner as much as every one of us do. In fact, several do not even have a cooling system in their huts at all. I find this incredible, and I am more than willing to admit that I guess I may be addicted to my cooling system. In fact, the worry over my future air conditioner is the main reason I have for being distraught about whether or not I really can live in a third-world country. However the online video say that it is not hard to enjoy the natural temperature once you get used to it but I still suppose I may not be able to endure a life separate from my air conditioner. In some years, every one of us will see how desperate I am to retire.

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