Getting the heater cleaned

I live in a big football city. Everyone I know completely immerses themselves in football. When football season rolls around, my city really comes to life. When the season is over, we just think about the next season and pass the time predicting its outcome. When the games are at home, everyone wakes up early in the morning. We pack up our cars with drinks and food and drive out to the stadium. They set their cars up in the parking lot and just party hard until it’s time to head into the game. If there is one big town ritual in my city, it’s tailgating. You can find us tailgating no matter the weather, even during the winter. My family specifically. We can get a lot of snow and cold weather in the winter. In fact, a lot of my friends have gotten sick before from not properly preparing. My family knows this and prepares for such instances. My parents purchased four giant heaters to set up around our tailgating area. No matter how many people we have in our party, everybody keeps warm thanks to those heaters. I don’t even think I would tailgate in the winter if it weren’t for them. I’m shocked by how well they work. I am so thankful that my parents knew to make such an investment.

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