Getting our name out there

After my sister Ruth was divorced, she decided to open a small pasta place. Ruth was famous for her pasta, sauce, and meatballs. My mom passed away and left Ruth a substantial chunk of inheritance. With those coins, Ruth opened up her own pasta place The first few years were slow, because Ruth was working on getting her name out there… Years passed and numerous were spent setting up the corporation and developing new sauce recipes. Now the corporation has been open for several months, and Ruth and I are currently looking for a current area for a our growing pasta joint. The aged pasta building was around a thousand square feet. Between the big ovens and the current kitchen space, Ruth and I need around 2500 square feet. I’ve been helping my sister find a venue, because I task for a realtor in the town. The two of us found a nice place that once belonged to an Heating and Air Conditioning repair business. The best thing about the business, happens to be the beautiful indoor Heating and Air Conditioning system. The past owners replaced the warehouse with a state of the art Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. This will really come in handy for the pasta joint. Between the cooling system and the swapped out air filtration unit, Ruth and I should be comfortable in the current space. The Heating and Air Conditioning business vacated the property about a couple of months ago, so my sister and I will need to make some replaces before then.