Getting compliments on the results of a personal training program

Being a religious man, I look forward to attending church every week.

That changed when I started gaining quite a bit of weight. I no longer felt confident about my physical appearance. While we are all considered equal in the eyes of God, people still judge one another. When I my pants ripped during a church service, I heard a few people snicker at me. I was so terribly embarrassed that I left the church as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to quit attending church or anything that serious, but I thought about finding a different church altogether. I then decided that it wouldn’t make a difference which church I attend. People would make fun of me for being overweight no matter where I was. Then I finally realized I needed to start exercising and eating better. I doubted I could be successful on my own. I decided to hire a personal trainer. I checked the websites of personal trainers in our area and was fascinated with what I found. There are quite a few trainers working in my local area. All of them are certified and offer different types of programs. The was one girl impressed me. She advertised that if clients were not satisfied with the results of her personal training techniques, they would be refunded. Her confidence inspired me. We met up and discussed my long-term goals. She asked about my eating habits and set up a healthy meal plan. She provided a lot of information on foods to avoid and those that offer higher concentration of vitamins and minerals. The physical training aspect was intense. She definitely challenged me to work harder than I ever had. It didn’t take me long to start losing weight. When I noticed a difference in my appearance and energy levels, I was motivated to keep going. Every week when I went back to church, someone would compliment my progress.

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