Getting caught in my situation

We have all had good summers, and we have all had bad ones. For me, a good summer includes lots of things I like. I have always been a big fan of basketball, and shooting around for hours is a blast for me. I also like to do nature activities like walking trails and even shooting my bow and arrow. When I have the time, relaxing on a nearby beach, or down by a pool is also on my list. However, what makes a bad summer for me is simple. As we know I love the heat, but only when I can cool off at the drop of a dime. So what made one of my worst summers was when I didn’t have any AC. Now I was in my third year of college. With that being the case money was tight. I could barely afford my books, so how was I going to be able to get a service technician out to my place and set me on the right path? I had this huge fan that sounded like a helicopter was taking off in my room. I desperately needed a change, or else I wasn’t going to pass my fall classes. As luck would have it, my neighbor caught wind of my situation and informed me that he just had to replace his own HVAC unit. When he told me the price, I couldn’t believe it! The service technician was real professional and friendly on top of everything. The next day, my raggedy old fan was tossed to the wayside in favor of a new arctic cold air conditioner.

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