Getting a roommate to cover Heating plus A/C bills

I’m one of those people who had a bit of an…


You might call me shy, you might call me antisocial, or you might consider that I’m a creative plus independent soul. Honestly, I just like being alone plus sitting in our own silence. I enjoy to labor on our own projects plus I enjoy to keep our brain organized without the chaos of another human interjecting. That’s why, I constantly assumed I would end up living alone. It seemed really likely that I would spend a majority of our life living in a home by myself, where I could seek refuge from the bustling world. The thing is, it turns out it’s lavish to live alone. This year, I have been struggling to pay all of our daily bills each month. In fact, there have been a few weeks where I lived without any modern cooling system to save some currency on our energy bill; As the Winter was approaching, I got happy at the prospect of saving some currency by splitting out our central heating costs plus relying on space heating systems instead. This was an effective measure plus it offered me the energy saving bug. As I watched the seasons change again back to the heat plus humidity of Summer, I knew I couldn’t go back to paying for central cooling on our own. If I wanted to get ahead, I needed to cut down on our living costs plus that primarily included our continual air conditioning USAge. I’ve constantly been a loner, however this week I’m placing an ad online for a roommate, just so I can afford to heat plus cool our lake house all year! Roomie needed; must enjoy energy savings.
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