Getting a rental HVAC unit

My sister was always so excited when she was pregnant.  Now, she has three kids so I figured, how bad could it be? I am not a fan of pregnancy and I really don’t understand why she was always so happy. I was all ready to go through this most amazing pregnancy experience, when to my surprise, I hated it. My pregnancy was nothing like the books claimed, and it was nothing like my sister always said it was.  I was hot 99.9% of the time. My hot flashes never ended from afternoon to night. We didn’t have any type of air conditioning system in our house, however our weather conditions were normally pretty mellow. We actually, never really gave much thought to any of our climate control needs. But, then pregnancy changed that. I thought I was going to die of hot flashes. I couldn’t believe it when my amazing hubby came home from work one afternoon and a workman came in with him. He said that he rented an HVAC unit for the rest of the pregnancy. I was ecstatic! First, I hadn’t ever heard of a program where you could rent an air conditioner! I wanted to thank the brilliant mind that came up with this idea. The upgrade was quite simple. And, within a short time, I was in cool dry heaven. I was still not ecstatic about the whole pregnancy thing, but at least I would be comfortable until the baby arrived. I think I may speak to my husband about the possibility of installing an HVAC system permanently.  Who knows it my body temperature will return to normal after the baby comes and he or she may need the cooling relief too.

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