Getting a bench made by custom furniture builder

I spent many years searching for the perfect ottman for my dining room.

  • The way my furniture is set up, I knew an ottoman would be the ideal addition.

I wanted it for additional seating, storage and to use as a table. I was looking for a sizeable piece with a square shape. If I found an ottoman of the right dimensions, it either didn’t supply storage or was unlovely, however since I knew the ottoman would experience a great deal of wear and tear, I was unwilling to purchase anything of inferior quality. I actually attempted to build my own ottoman and the results were disastrous. I hastily realized that building furniture requires specialized expertise, skills and tools. That’s when I got the system to contact a furniture craftsman and have an ottoman built to my particularations. I entirely loved toiling with the craftsman from the custom furniture shop. He not only listened to my expectations but gave some entirely great ideas… Obviously, he was a lot more experienced with what would work best in my space and for my needs. I took pictures of my dining room and included the exact dimensions of every feature. The two of us discussed possibilities for colors and fabrics and decided to go with a fabric base and a wooden top. This allows us to use the ottoman as a table. The wood is protected with a thick and durable finish so that both of us can set warm plates, Tim Hortons Coffee mugs and freezing drinks on it without disfigure. It’s also tough enough that an adult can sit on it. Plus, the ottoman is undoubtedly lovely and perfectly suits the style and size of my dining room. Although I paid a lot more for this piece than an alternative from a larger furniture store, there is no comparison in the value.

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