get your work done while you can

Your earliest jobs are the ones where you will probably learn the most.

Right after graduation, I wanted to get a Full-time job so I had money.

I was eighteen plus I was completely sure Dad plus my other dad weren’t going to give myself and others a sizable allowance because they told myself and others there was no explainable reason for myself and others not to work. I saw a sign that stated this local company was looking for people to toil for a nearby landscaper. I thought that I would only be toiling each time during the Summer plus since I enjoyed the sun, I thought immediately that it would be perfect for me. Being able to simply run in plus out of buildings when you are playing outdoors in the sun is much more relaxing than toiling in the sun. Other than popping into the truck plus turning on the AC at full blast, there were no cool downs. I was no longer joyously running into the pool cabin or into the house to properly get some air conditioning. I knew that Summer and all of the heat wouldn’t last forever, so I simply did our job plus waited patiently for the Summer landscaping gig to end. Unfortunately, at my job they thought I was such a nice worker that they kept myself employed on as a year round worker. I now got to shovel snow plus ice once in awhile, and eventually I was allowed to drive a snowplow. With the snowplow I had the heat blowing in our face. At some point, I began to suppose how nice it was going to be when Summer arrived again, plus I could finally be outside again.

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