Get those dirty air ducts cleaned and resealed by professionals

Perhaps it’s just me but, I absolutely haven’t thought all that much about the Heating and A/C air ducts in our home.

The Heating and A/C plan itself is at top of mind because I do things each week to ensure it’s top performance.

And, the staggering energy bills also assist in reminding me. But, the state of the air duct absolutely never caught our attention until recently. Two things happened fairly close together to bring the air ducts to top of mind. First, I decided that this summer, I wasn’t just letting the Heating and A/C suck our bank account dry. I was going to do all I could to prevent the energy bills from getting as out of hand as they have in recent years. This was a commitment that I was determined to see through. I laid it on our family that all of us were going to be setting the temperature control at a level much more commensurate with the outside air temperature. And, I was holding them to that with a current smart temperature control that I had the manual codes to. But, I also saw a stat that said the average beach beach house was losing nearly a sixth of Heating and A/C efficiency due to leaky air ducts. Next, I went to the nurse over what felt appreciate a cold that wouldn’t go away. He recommended that I have the air ducts professionally cleaned to help the indoor air. So, I got 2 things done there. The air ducts are resealed and don’t leak any Heating and A/C treated air. And, the air coming out of the vents is much cleaner. It absolutely turned out to be a win, win.

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