Gas furnace started the fire

I had seen something genuinely wild on the local news the other day.

There was a report about this local company in town that almost burnt to the ground.

It was due to a gas heater mishap. It wasn’t just any central heating though. This was one of those giant furnaces that they keep in the basement. The building apparently had a lot of construction going on. There was a lot of dirt, dust and debris flying in the air quality. They think the dust clogged the furnace filter and got into the gas furnace as a result. Due to the dust, the heater overheated and caught on fire. Then the next thing you know, the actual building the company was in caught on fire! Half of the company burnt down because of the fire that the furnace caused. Those Heating units are dangerous if you ask me. I don’t even get why any big company would even mess with a gas furnace in the basement. Get a Rooftop heating and a/c systems. Get a giant boiler system instead. Anything is better than a furnace. Using a furnace, there are all kinds of risks and dangers in the event of improper care. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also happen when the heat exchanger breaks. The furnace also can cost a lot of money in repairs once it wears out. Boiler systems last much longer and radiant flooring is better for indoor air quality. Choose a different heater option in my opinion.

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