Garage In The Summer

Working in my garage fixing either old cars or working on my wood shop hobby is something I have the most time to do during the summer time months. Because of this, I actually converted my garage into a sort of hide away and work room combo. To do this, I had to have half way decent air quality and good air conditioning. So I invested in a ductless mini split system to be able to make this possible. A ductless mini split system air conditioning system was not too much money to have installed in just my converted garage. It was a lot cheaper than extending my home’s central heating and air conditioning system into the garage as well as also having to pay for having brand new and very up to date ductwork ran and installed into the garage. The ductless mini split air conditioning system is just what it says…it is totally ductless and no ductwork running required to run the air conditioning system. This could also become a ductless mini split heating as well as air conditioning system. I actually had both installed. The reason I did, is because sometimes in the winter time months I actually sometimes do some work in my wood shop hobby. Not as often, but I still do. So having quality heating is also important in my garage as it was for the air conditioning in the summer time months of the year when I spend most of my time in here. It worked out all so well and I highly recommend the ductless mini split heating and cooling system.

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